That 70s Vibe



My wonderful creative collaboration with Cara Genovese, a brilliant photographer and nature lover, inspired me to sprinkle a bit of 70s flavor in my ensemble.

Light and flowy summer trousers, front-tie flowered silk shirts, and the whimsical colors and landscapes of Ladew Topiary Gardens managed to carry me back through time, to the age of flower-hugging, rainbow-chasing, care-free children of the 70s.


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Photography by Cara Genovese 

BB Dakota Palazzo Pants || Vintage Silk Button Up || Nine West Sandals || Chico’s Bangles & Watch


Chic things up


I’m not quite ready to stray too far from my summer comfort zone [over-sized shirts and baggy boyfriend trousers], but a high heeled sandal appears to have tamed my craving to chic things up a bit.

 Disclaimer: This sudden need for sophistication may or may not be a direct result of acquiring these stylish Gucci frames, which, by the way, make my summer days a whole lot brighter.







Gucci Glasses || Vintage Button Down || Chico’s Bib Necklace || Rag & Bone Bleached Trouser || Nine West Sandals

World Cup Fever



I’m just a girl living in a man’s [fútbol] world, and this here is the product of two of my big loves: fútbol and fashion.

Adriana Lima surely did it first best in the Kia commercials, but the rest of us regular Janes should be able to join in on the fun. My more conservative approach involved a below the knee pleated skirt paired with a collared blue shirt that I borrowed [and have not returned in over a year] from my father’s closet.

And with my number one love, España, brutally and humiliatingly eliminated in the first round of the World Cup [due to questionable decisions made by Del Bosque], I am left to cheer for my two other favorites: France and USA [hence the color scheme of the ensemble.]

After all, even broken hearts keep beating.








Vintage Button Up || Talbots Skirt || Talbots Heels